Your senior management team wants to know why you partnered with Heartland Express? We would love to help you with the presentation. Measure our performance against our peers in these key value drivers and demonstrate Heartland's capability to increase customer satisfaction in your business. 

On-Time Pickup and Delivery

This is the cornerstone of Heartland's award-winning service. With customer expectations and the drive for asset efficiency at an all-time high, the top shippers in America are partnering with carriers that will deliver high performance pickup and delivery service. Heartland Express welcomes the challenge of what we do best. 

Leaders in Information

Competitive advantage among your industry peers is driven by getting great information about your business, and getting it fast. Heartland Express takes a leadership position as the carrier that performs in exchanging the most reliable and timely shipment status information. This service is measured and scored with proven metrics by many of our customers who integrate our data directly into their systems.


Heartland Express has thousands of trailers located all around the nation ready for preload or live loading, as well as a growing fleet of state of the art trucks driven by professional men and women. Put Heartland Express as the primary carrier on your lanes and you will not have to wonder how to cover your freight when capacity is tight. 

Collaborative Relationships

Many leading shippers work on how to align with a carrier to move beyond the transactional relationship to the strategic relationship, to solve problems together. Heartland Express has worked with the best of them and has tremendous experience and a knowledge base in performance case studies of delivering satisfaction to the end customer. Heartland can be a positive force in your Lean (eliminating waste) and Six Sigma (eliminating variation) efforts.